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Great-granddaughter sleeping

Mom! Dad! Guess what? You’re Greatgrandparents! Exciting huh? So, Jerry and Carole had a baby girl on September 1st. See Mom, another September birthday in the family. And they got married two days after yours four years ago.

I’m pretty excited. Jerry texts us photos of her sleeping on his chest. So cute. He’s really into her. And Carole, you’d like her.

We didn’t buy a crib like you did when we visited you with Audrey. I can still see Dad scoop Audrey from the crib and hold her to his chest, with such gusto. It really surprised me, what with his heart and everything, He seized the moment. I have a photo of the two of them sitting on the bed. So precious. I should find it and put it out.

I still have the framed proof of dad and I dancing at my wedding. It’s kind of faded, but it’s still one of my favorites.

I also have a picture of Grandma sitting in the living room, Audrey, in her infant seat at her feet. I didn’t get the impression she wanted to hold her— by then, she had that walker. I can still hear her say, she looks like her father, not one of us. Gee, thanks, Grandma.

So glad you were able to meet your great-granddaughter.

So, we’ve been Facetiming. And I have two videos of her hiccuping, adorably. Don’t know when we’ll get to meet her. Hopefully, by Thanksgiving. You know about the virus, right? I’m sure they’ll answer your questions where you are.

You know, for years I wondered whose heart I had. Turns out, I got a condition. (Hope that sounds like Grandma and her friends. I got a condition…) Nothing I need to change my diet or lifestyle. But I hardly go out since the virus hit. Last Saturday, Ed and I ran errands. Lowe’s and a peppermint ice cream cone. I see the doctor in a couple of weeks, so we’ll find out if the pills work. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

It’s just another factor in defining when we’ll meet our granddaughter.

Oh, her name is Rose. And she was 6.95 pounds and 19 inches long. She was actually born 10 days early. First baby! Well, they did induce her. Never got the reason why, but it’s not really my business.

The important thing is they’re all healthy.

Got a text; we’re about to Zoom, again. Can’t wait to see them! We’ll talk soon.

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